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What is Maha Mobility?

Maha Mobility is our strength and mobility track that you can think of as the ‘veggies of your movement practice.’ Built on the principles of Functional Range Conditioning (FRC), it’s an excellent practice for resilient joint function and musculoskeletal health.

Whereas flexibility describes your capacity to move passively through ranges of motion, mobility describes your ability to stabilize and control those ranges of motion, transforming them into active expressions of your own strength. 

This work is especially relevant for yoga practitioners who, when practicing asana, move their bodies through a wide range of positions, but don’t always have the integrated strength to express those movements. 

What to Expect in Class

Maha mobility classes can feel more like strength training or PT than yoga. Each class focuses on a specific joint function or movement pattern, with the intention of building healthy joints and neuromuscular awareness. 

Classes are very accessible and open to all levels, and each student applies effort in their own individualized way.

Whether you’re sparring with your Jiu Jitsu buddies, training for the Broad Street run or simply walking your dog, mobility training will give you the tools to improve any physical practice.

Upcoming Joint Focus

7/16 & 7/20 Hip rotation
7/23 & 7/27 Hip flexion (hinge pattern)
7/30 & 8/3 Hip extension
8/6 & 8/10 Hip abduction
8/13 + 8/17 Hips (wide leg forward fold)