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Celebrate PRIDE

JUNE 2024

Maha celebrates PRIDE and the diversity that makes us great! This year we’re fundraising for the Attic Youth Center. There are three ways to get involved:

1. Buy a shirt or hat. All merch is $25, and all proceeds go to the Attic. Swing by the studio to see our new MAHA LOVE design!

2. Don’t need a shirt? Donate $25 directly with this link.

3. Fundraising class with Justicia: in person in Philly (and live streamed): Monday 6/24 all levels, 6:15pm.

Yoga Philosophy w/ Dr. Douglas Brooks


The history of yoga & its relevance to your modern life

Yoga has a storied and complex history that has led us to our own practice on and off the mat. Our purposes and aims are part of yoga tradition now and if we want to delve more deeply into the varied meanings and practices of yoga, we’re going to need clear and concise study.

Yoga has always valued our contemplation and our ardor—what do we learn and what will it take to create a deeper practice? We’ll begin our conversation with the earliest histories of yoga from the original sources and trace not only history and practice but also the values and changes that have shaped traditions.

When we know how ideas and practices developed we can understand, adapt, and reapply what is important and relevant: an honest understanding of the history and the complexity of yogas that evolved is a critical aspect of learning about our own practice.

We’ll look at materials from the Rg Veda, early Upanisads, consider the Buddhists and Jaina contributions, address Patanjali, Vedanta’s contributions and then the role of Tantra and devotional traditions. With just a handful of resources and a clear picture of history, we’ll gain an entirely different perspective on the past and our current practices. No previous knowledge is expected or required. Bring an open mind and a willing heart, we’ll provide the rest.

Registration is inclusive for the full weekend, and is extremely limited. If there is space for drop-ins, we will open those spots in October.

$175 early bird rate until 10/18, $250 after
Cost includes all three sessions

Saturday Nov 2, 9:30am-12:30pm
Saturday Nov 2, 2-5pm
Sunday Nov 3, 9:30am-12:30pm

200 Hr Teacher Training w/ Justicia + Desiree

OCT ’24 – MAY ’25

Maha’s Teacher Training is intentionally designed for dedicated yogis ready to deepen their practice and share the profound benefits of yoga with authenticity.

What do we mean when we say, ‘authenticity’? Well, we won’t tell you to manifest abundance, and we won’t force toxic positivity on you. We’ll educate you about the common injuries of yoga. the challenges of making it as a yoga teacher in this economy, and what to actually expect on your path of yoga. 

Special Guests: Douglas Brooks, Jean-Jacques Gabriel, and Alex Holmes.